Glooko and Hedia partnership

Hedia and Glooko reveal new global partnership

We have been looking forward to revealing our new global partnership with Glooko. By integrating our diabetes assistant into Glooko’s diabetes management platform for healthcare providers and people with diabetes,...

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Hypos: all you need to know About low Blood Sugar
No, not a hippo; the other thing. No, not a hypocrite either. A hippogriff is something else, too. We’re...
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fixing diabetes foot problems
10 tips for fixing diabetes foot problems
Being diagnosed with diabetes means adapting to a whole new way of living. And of course finding a way...
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“Is it safe to eat?”: what food for Diabetes
“Is it safe to eat?”: what food for Diabetes
During my time as Nutrition and Health Consultant at Hedia, I’ve noticed that many people want to know...
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Just been Diagnosed with Diabetes
Just been Diagnosed with Diabetes: Common Questions
Our CEO, Peter, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 27. As he can tell you, having just...
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How much Insulin should I take
How much Insulin should I take?
About 6 million people in the United States use insulin, according to the American Diabetes Association....
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Diabetes and Headaches
Getting Peace of mind: Diabetes and Headaches
When Pandora opened her box, she released, amongst other things, Algos – Pain. An evil spirit, the Ancient...
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Diabetes Dictionary
Diabetes Dictionary – all the terms you need to know
We get that part of the struggle of managing diabetes is just understanding the different terms – some...
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Amanda’s Personal Letter to Diabetes
Amanda's Personal Letter to Diabetes
Continuing with our “Letters to your Diabetes” project, we’re happy to share the latest...
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Insulin Sensitivity
All your Questions Answered: Insulin Sensitivity
It’s remarkable how positively the body responds to being treated well. In general, people are often...
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Early Signs of Diabetes
First Symptoms and Early Signs of Diabetes
Developing diabetes will likely be a surprise: nobody plans to have diabetes. As such, it can be easy...
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Small Everyday Diabetes Challenges
How to Control Diabetes: Small Everyday Diabetes Challenges
Did you know that people with diabetes make roughly 180 additional decisions each day? That’s what a...
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How many Carbs in food: Tricks for carb Counting
How many Carbs in food: Tricks for carb Counting
The versatile hand: with practical uses – such as building – and emotional uses – such as blowing kisses....
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