Software Versions

of Hedia Diabetes Assistant

Text size support
  • If you’ve set texts to be larger in your phone’s accessibility settings, the app will now reflect your settings wherever possible. This should make it even easier for you to navigate the app.


FORA 6 Connect
  • Hedia now supports ForaCare’s blood glucose meter in selected regions.


Various improvements
  • Hedia requires an activation code from your healthcare professional in some regions. It’s now easier to enter the code and find out whether your clinic uses Hedia.
  • Some icons have been updated for greater clarity.

Released: 2023-07-04

Minor bugfix improving keyboard entry.


Released: 2023-05-30

  • It’s now easier to review and accept our Terms and Conditions, and our Privacy Notice. New links and clearer text has been added in both the onboarding flow, and within your profile section of the app.

  • We’ve continued improving our technical setup, to make sure privacy gets first class treatment.


  • If you type a number that exceeds the limits of what’s possible for a given number field, we’ve added a popup that kindly informs you of the minimum and maximum values.

  • In the Legal section, we’ve added a few more bits of information.


Performance improvements
  • In some cases the top boxes on the Dashboard could become overly large. We kindly told them to stop misbehaving.


Released: 2023-04-25

Minor bugfix relating to logbook data.


Released: 2023-03-03

User Interface spring cleaning
  • Colors: We have gone through the entire app and simplified the color palette. Our focus has been on improving readability, clarity and contrast.

  • Transitions: Animations between some screens have been improved, to make it easier to find your way around the app.

  • Navigation: Page titles, back arrows, and close buttons have been streamlined throughout the app. This should make it even easier to navigate around the app.


  • Text: Most texts throughout the app are now easier to read, due to a larger default text size, a change of font, and higher color contrasts.


Technical performance improvements
  • For some users, the app could slow down over time, when large amounts of logbook entries were stored. We have now improved the way we store data locally on your phone, so the app should remain speedy.

  • In rare cases, logbook data could have trouble syncing to our cloud. We’ve made some under-the-hood tweaks to make sure your data is now uploaded more consistently.


  • We’re going through the app and its connected services with a fine toothed comb, and have removed some third-party references that were not living up to our privacy standards.


Released: 2023-03-02

Performance improvements relating to syncing. Minor user interface bug fixes.


Released: 2022-11-29

Performance improvements and minor interface enhancements.


Released: 2022-07-01

Besides improving the performance of the app, we have:

  • Now connected with NovoPen® 6 and NovoPen Echo® Plus.
  • Added support for a new BGM device: VTrust distributed by BSI.
  • Made it easier to manually input the amount of insulin you have taken by improving the design for recent insulin input.
  • Raised the limit for insulin injections from 50 to 60 IU.
  • Made the control fluid BGM readings recognizable to ensure you’re not using a control fluid reading in the calculation. 
Released: 2022-06-07

Improvements to Bluetooth connectivity with BGMs.


Released: 2022-03-16

Performance improvements and bug fixes.


Released: 2022-03-09

Bug fixes relating to migration of settings and data.


Released: 2021-11-20

New device integration and Physical Activity improvements. Minor interface enhancements, including limits and alerts.



Released: 2021-11-18

Patch release ensuring the use of personal insulin treatment settings.


Released: 2021-05-05

Patch release with minor improvements.


Released: 2021-02-12

Performance improvements, logging, server improvements, language updates, and minor interface improvements.


Released: 2021-01-29

Performance improvements and bug fixes.


Released: 2020-11-24

Support for addition of Ketones in main bolus flow, and settings screens.


Released: 2020-10-30

Performance improvements, logging, server improvements and language updates.


Released: 2020-10-14

Performance improvements and minor interface enhancements.


Released: 2020-05-19

You can now transfer your blood glucose measurements wirelessly to Hedia from Contour Next ONE via bluetooth.


Released: 2019-12-17