Your personal diabetes dashboard

Get diabetes out of your headspace and onto your dashboard. This is your one-stop spot for an overview of your diabetes.

The diabetes dashboard shows your current insulin, your recent blood glucose levels, your blood glucose levels over time, and how often you are within your target ranges.

Feel organised by having your diabetes in one place, giving you more control of your diabetes management, and more insight into your numbers.

diabetes dashboard
diabetes dashboard what you get

What you get out of the Diabetes Dashboard

1) Organising your thoughts

Managing diabetes can often feel like a full-time job. It can involve not only counting carbs, but also figuring out how your recent insulin dosage affects you, along with keeping track of blood glucose levels on both a daily and weekly basis.

It’s a great deal to think about, but hopefully Hedia can make it simpler. We want to declutter your mind by putting all those areas of diabetes management in one place.

Having everything on a single go-to screen will hopefully help other areas of your life feel clearer.

2) A visible diabetes

Diabetes is sometimes called an invisible condition because others often can’t see or notice the physical effects of diabetes. But it’s also invisible because it exists in the mind in the form of numbers, target ranges, and percentages.

That’s why actually “seeing” your diabetes will give you a greater peace of mind.

It’s easier to feel in control of something when you know what you’re dealing with: it’s something physical, and it’s something you can look at when you view the diabetes dashboard.

Instead of keeping it in your mind, free yourself by keeping up to date with your diabetes on the screen.

diabetic dashboard
dashboard and diabetes
3) More desirable habits and results

Seeing an overview of your numbers can help you see what direction your diabetes is going in. You can use those numbers to analyse how well your diabetes management has been going in the past – and use that knowledge to make small improvements in your habits.

A better insight into your diabetes generally means you’ll find it easier to get the results you were hoping for.

4) Be ready for the doctor

On the diabetes dashboard, the numbers and results are presented clearly and neatly. This gives you a snapshot of your diabetes management, meaning you’ll always feel confident in what your diabetes is like.

You’ll be ready for your check-ups with your doctor – especially when they look into your HbA1c – because the dashboard already gives you an idea of your blood sugar over time via the average blood glucose section.

Worry less about what the doctor has in store for you, and spend more time doing what makes you happy.

diabetes dashboard snapshot
diabetes overview
5) Take back control of your diabetes

With a simple tap of a screen, you’ll see the data you need within seconds. A quicker and easier display means that you can get back to your free time quicker. Because your diabetes shouldn’t control you; you control your diabetes!

diabetes dashboard overview
The four elements of the dashboard

✔ Active insulin:

How many units of insulin are estimated to be active in your body at that moment in time

✔ Average blood glucose:

Shows you the average value of your blood glucose over at most 14 days based on at least 28 calculations. You can choose to have it displayed either in mmol/L (UK standard measurement) or mg/dL (US standard measurement)

✔ Time-in-range:

Based on your blood glucose targets (which you tell Hedia when setting up), and at least 28 calculations, the diabetes dashboard displays the amount of time that you are within those target ranges over a period of at most 14 days

✔ Graph of blood glucose:

A display of your blood glucose levels over 24 hours, so you can clearly see what your blood glucose has been up to throughout the day

personal diabetes dashboard
How to use your personal diabetes dashboard

You can think of Hedia as your personal assistant; it can assist you because it knows your diabetes. This means that the diabetes dashboard works on the information you give Hedia.

How do you give Hedia that information? It’s nice and easy: just press the “+” at the bottom of the screen, and Hedia’s calculation can begin!

Then, follow the steps on the screen:

Enter your information at that moment in time:

blood glucose level (which can also be entered for you when connected wirelessly); how many carbs you’re having (or use our food database to automatically add carbs); and if you’re exercising

diabetes dashboard current info

From that info, Hedia can then work out how much insulin you need, giving you your personal insulin recommendation

diabetes app insulin recommendation

Press “Transfer to logbook” to save the info. The dashboard is updated with your estimated active insulin in real time, and you’ll begin to see results on the graph.

After adding more of these calculations, the diabetes dashboard can then show your average blood glucose and time-in-range too!

diabetes dashboard active insulin

Of course, if you want to add your own data manually – to contribute to your dashboard – you can also do that.

Go to “Logbook”, by pressing on the clock icon: here you can see your previously saved results. To add a new entry, press the “+” at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Don’t forget that you can edit entries by pressing “…” on the right of each entry.

diabetes dashboard editing
diabetes dashboard graphic
A dashboard tailored to you

Do you want to give the dashboard a try? Then download Hedia, and answer a few questions just once! If you change your mind later, you can always edit your answers in settings too.

✔  Do you get insulin from a pen or from a pump?

✔  Do you measure your blood glucose in mmol/L or mg/dL?

✔  What insulin sensitivity factor do you have? You can select either the 1800-rule or 100-rule to calculate this (depending on your blood glucose unit), or your doctor will tell you what numbers you need

✔  What insulin-to-carb ratio do you have? You can select the 500-rule to calculate this, or a doctor will tell you what ratio you have

And voilà! You’re ready to use Hedia. Press on the “Dashboard” button with the house icon, and feel at home with your personal diabetes dashboard!

Questions? Want to know more about how Hedia can help you?
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