Get your diabetes logbook with HDA

With Hedia’s easy-to-use logbook you get all your important diabetes data logged.

Use them to get insights on how you’re doing – or take them with you to your doctor and discuss your patterns.

Download the assistant for free and get started!

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5 benefits of keeping a diabetes logbook

1) Get insights into how you’re doing

One thing is for sure – data doesn’t lie. With a well-organized diabetes logbook, you get insights on your patterns and how you’re doing. It can be really confusing to take stock of how you’re doing – and to understand the overall picture of your wellbeing.

And honestly, sometimes you probably just don’t feel like you have the time.

Well, with Hedia Diabetes Assistant (HDA), the logbook will help you a great deal of the way. Also, you’ll have the necessary data to send your blood sugar records, if you need reimbursement or some other sort of financial coverage.

2) Take back control of your diabetes

You know as well as us, that diabetes can invade your private headspace!

The main goal for us is to make life with diabetes easier. We hope our logbook might help you with that.

Knowing that the data is collected for you, perhaps this will help you to relax more when chaotic thoughts about managing your diabetes occur.

take back control with diabetes logbook
diabetes logbook and recommendations
3) Get more accurate insulin recommendations

Hedia Diabetes Assistant has multiple features for you, and besides the logbook, it helps you with calculating the amount of insulin you need at a given time. The logbook helps HDA with this, because it remembers how much active insulin you have. Smart, right?

4) Get the data to analyze your patterns

If you’re really on top of stuff, you can use the data the assistant collects on you to analyze your patterns. This can help you to make small adjustments that might improve your diabetes management.

improve patterns with logbook
more freetime with diabetes logbook
5) (hopefully) more free time

We get that it requires a bit of self-discipline to get the job done:
inserting your info and then adding the results to your logbook… But once you’ve gotten it under your skin, you’ll most likely experience that it actually gives you time – and not the opposite.

How the logbook works

Hedia’s founder, Peter, is type 1 himself and has been on the look-out for something that betters his daily life.

That’s why he started Hedia – and why the sole purpose of the app is to improve your everyday life with diabetes.

HDA helps you log:

✔ Your intake of carbs
✔ Your physical activity
✔ The amount of insulin you take
✔ Your blood glucose readings

It goes like this:

You tell HDA the information that’s relevant at the current time. This could be your blood glucose readings, what you’re about to eat (and we’ll calculate the carbs) , and if you’re about to work out.

diabetes dashboard current information

HDA gives you an insulin recommendation

diabetes dashboard insulin recommendation

You push the “transfer to logbook” button and you’re done!  If you want, go ahead and export the log to a csv file as well!

transfer to logbook example

Oh, and did we mention – that you can add your own manual logs? 

If you forgot to enter your data from earlier, you can enter them any time you want. Just click at “logbook” and the “+” in the top right corner of the screen.

manual logs to diabetes logbook
four elements of the dashboard
How to get started

When you’ve downloaded the assistant – next step is to create your personal user.

When you do so, you tell us:

✔  Do you use a pen or an insulin pump?

✔  Do you use mmol/L or mg/dL to measure your BLG?

✔  What’s your insulin sensitivity factor? (ask your doctor, or use the 1800-rule or the 100-rule to calculate it)

✔  What’s your insulin-to-carb ratio? (ask your doctor, or use the 500-rule to calculate it)

…. And now you´re good to go!

Questions? Want to know more about how we can help you?
We are here to help you!

Hedia has a team of nutrition experts, nurses, machine learners and our amazing developers ready to answer all your questions at support@hedia.co, or fill out the contact form.

You’ll hear from us within 24 hours.

    Hedia Diabetes Assistant (HDA) as a medical device software
    HDA is a medical device software registered in the Danish Medicines Agency (Lægemiddelstyrelsen). HDA has a CE-certification mark stating conformity with the EU directive for medical devices sold within the EU.

    Read our user manual here to learn more about how to use HDA.