HDA’s insulin calculator

Get your suggested insulin dosage quick and easy from your personal diabetes assistant. We strive to get you in a better headspace and take a load off your shoulders. 

You don’t need to challenge your math skills – try to guess the right amount of insulin – or just rely on the same dosage of insulin you always take.

insulin calculator
insulin dosage

To get a more accurate insulin dosage, our calculator helps you assess the dosage of insulin, you need at the current time. In short, your doses will be tailored to your current needs and not just be a guesstimation!

insulin calculator app

How the insulin calculator app works

When you’ve set up your personal account, the process is pretty straightforward.

Let’s say you’re about to have lunch – and you fancy a bowl of spaghetti bolognese and a sprite.

… You:

Open Hedia Diabetes Assistant (HDA) and enter your current blood glucose level – or you sync your blood glucose meter with HDA through NFC

Find the food items of your meal and your sprite in our advanced food database – and add it to the calculation

Tell HDA if you’ve exercised today – or if you’re planning to exercise, and if so – which kind of exercise and the duration of it. We will also ask you if you’ve taken insulin within the last 4 hours 

And that’s it! HDA now gives you a recommended insulin dosage.

insulin dosage recommendation
… Anything else?
insulin calculator explained

The diabetes assistant is also there for you when you need to regulate your blood sugar in case it’s too low or too high.

HDA will then suggest either a carb intake or a dosage of insulin to regulate your blood sugar and get you more time-in-range.

… And if you find HDA helpful?  Then go ahead and tell us when you’ld like to get reminders to remeasure your blood sugar. You can also use our logbook, that shows you visual and insightful statistics of how you’re doing!

how to get started
How to get started

When you’ve downloaded HDA – next step is to create your personal user.

When you do so, you tell us:

Whether you use an insulin pump or pen

If you use mmoI/L or mg/dL to measure your blood glucose level

Your insulin sensitivity factor (your doctor will tell you this, alternatively you can use the 100-rule or the 1800-rule to calculate it)

Your insulin-to-carb ratio (your doctor or healthcare professional will tell you this, alternatively you can use the 500-rule to calculate it)

… And that’s it – now you’re ready to roll!

insulin dosage

Who can use the calculator?

Our insulin calculator is tailored to people with insulin-dependent diabetes over the age of 18.

In specific countries, you need an access code to access the app. Read more about this here. 

Our “why” and what gets us going every day

Hedia Diabetes Assistant is developed in collaboration between people with diabetes type 1 and 2, health professionals and our hardworking developers. The company and product was born because of our co-founder Peter Lucas’ own experience with diabetes. He wanted to build something that could really help with the daily challenges that he himself and everyone else with insulin-dependent diabetes experience.

Curious to know more about the insulin calculator settings?

For HDA to be the best diabetes assistant to you, we need to know some important basics about your diabetes.

✔ Treatment type
First you let us know if you use a pen (with half-unit precision or whole-unit precision) or a pump.

✔ Blood glucose units
Then you tell us your blood glucose units: mmol/L is the most commonly used measurement in the UK, and mg/dL in the rest of Europe.

✔ Fast-acting insulin or long-acting insulin

Now, we also need to know which kinds of insulin you take. As you might know, insulin comes in many types. The main differences between the types are: 1) how quickly it starts affecting your blood sugar and 2) for how long it actually impacts your blood sugar.

✔ Insulin settings: Insulin sensitivity factor and insulin-to-carb ratio

To give you an accurate insulin recommendation, we use your insulin-to-carb ratio and your insulin sensitivity factor.

The insulin-to-carb ratio tells us how many grams of carbohydrate one unit of insulin covers. Your insulin sensitivity factor tells us how much your blood glucose can be expected to fall on one unit of fast-acting insulin.

✔ Daily targets and intervals

You also let us know what your target blood glucose levels are at different times of the day. This helps us understand what time-in-range is to you, and what your personal goals are. This is typically something you have discussed with your healthcare professional as well.

You can choose to use our default targets and daily intervals or create your own.

… Now, maybe you’re already very well acquainted with all these medical terms. Or maybe, they’re all new to you. If the latter is the case, don’t worry! We’re here to help you!

Questions? Want to know more about how we can help you?

We are here to help you!

Hedia has a team of nutrition experts, nurses, machine learners and our amazing developers ready to answer all your questions at support@hedia.com, or fill out the contact form.

You’ll hear from us within 48 working hours.

    HDA as a medical device software
    HDA is a medical device software registered in the Danish Medicines Agency (Lægemiddelstyrelsen). HDA has a CE-certification mark stating conformity with the EU directive for medical devices sold within the EU.

    Read our user manual here to learn more about how to use Hedia.