Connect Hedia to your NFC or Bluetooth Glucose Meter

Hedia’s aim is always to make each step of diabetes management simpler: have your numbers added automatically by connecting your blood glucose meter to Hedia.

We’ve cooperated with GlucoMen Areo, Areo2K, and CONTOUR® NEXT ONE – as well as currently developing compatibility with Beurer GL50 evo and NovoPen Echo – to bring you in-app Bluetooth or NFC connection with your blood glucose meter.

Find out how to connect in the guide below.

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bluetooth glucose meter for diabetics

Wireless Blood Glucose Readings

Hedia lets you add your numbers swiftly and simply

Recording the numbers from your blood glucose meter shouldn’t have to be a chore. While Hedia makes it easier to record your numbers, it can be even easier when the numbers are added to the app for you!

This means that whenever you want an insulin calculation from Hedia, you connect your NFC or Bluetooth glucose meter with Hedia. Then, your blood glucose level is automatically included in Hedia’s calculation for your insulin dosage.

Setting up: Prepare your Devices

Activate NFC or Bluetooth on your smartphone

For Apple phones, NFC is enabled as the default setting. To use Bluetooth with iOS, read more here.

To find out how to use NFC on Android, click here. For more information on Bluetooth with Android, click here.

Activate the wireless functions on your blood glucose meter

With some blood glucose meters, you might need to check if the glucometer Bluetooth or NFC has been activated. Check the user manual of your blood glucose meter for more information.

Make sure that your blood glucose meter has the correct time and date

To ensure blood glucose meter app compatibility, the time and date of each device should match. Since smartphones usually automatically have the correct time and date, you should check that your blood glucose meter also has the correct information too.

Again, see your NFC or Bluetooth glucose meter’s manual for more information on how to change the time.

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Setting up: Measure your Blood Glucose

Perform a new blood glucose reading

Do this as you normally would, with your test strips.

Remove the test strip

For GlucoMen Areo and Glucomen Areo 2K, it’s important to take out the test strip.

If needed, turn on pairing mode on the blood glucose meter

For Bluetooth glucose meters, you will need to pair your blood glucose meter with your smartphone. Once a device has been paired, it remains paired in the future.

To activate pairing mode For CONTOUR® NEXT ONE, turn off the blood glucose meter, and then hold down the “OK” button. Hold down the button until the test strip port flashes blue; the display will then show a flashing Bluetooth symbol. This means it is in pairing mode.

glucometer bluetooth
Connect to Hedia

Open Hedia and press the plus icon (+) at the centre of the bottom of the screen.

This is the button to calculate your insulin dosage, which will bring you to the first step of the insulin calculation: entering your current blood glucose level.

Press “Connect a device”.

Select which blood glucose reader you are connecting with.

Press “Connect and sync”.

Follow the next steps, depending on whether you’re using NFC or Bluetooth.

glucose meter app

Respond to your smartphone’s Bluetooth message.

When connecting with Bluetooth, your smartphone will give you a message asking if it should pair with the meter. Make sure to accept.

If using an Android smartphone, press “Connect” and press “OK” to Bluetooth pairing. Then, make sure to turn your blood glucose meter off and on again. Then, press “Connect” on your phone again.

For Apple smartphones, press “Connect” and press “Pair”.

Your devices will now be paired.

blood glucose meter application

Use your smartphone’s NFC chip to scan.

When connecting with NFC, you should hold your smartphone to the blood glucose meter, in order to scan it.

Now your blood glucose reading should appear in Hedia!

glucose meter bluetooth

The reading is now automatically entered, and you can continue with the rest of Hedia’s insulin calculation.

The next steps of the insulin calculation can include entering if you’ve eaten recently, or if you’re about to eat.

Adding food is simple with the use of our food database, meaning you can find the carbs in your food in just a few taps!

diabetes app food
diabetes app exercise

Tell Hedia if you’ve exercised recently, or if you’re about to start. Finally, answer whether you’ve had insulin within the last four hours.

And, then, you’ve got your very own personalised insulin dosage recommendation!
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Where to get more Information on the NFC or Bluetooth Glucose Meter

Are you unsure what exactly Bluetooth and NFC do?

Bluetooth or NFC are methods for connecting devices wirelessly. Bluetooth is a way for devices to connect within usually at least ten metres without wires. Meanwhile, NFC (near-field communication) connects via scanning a chip, which means your devices need to be within 4cm of each other.

If you need more information on connecting a glucometer Bluetooth or NFC device with Hedia, read our pages specifically about connecting Hedia with either CONTOUR® NEXT ONE or Glucomen Areo and Glucomen Areo 2K.

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    Hedia as a medical device software
    Hedia is a medical device software registered in the Danish Medicines Agency (Lægemiddelstyrelsen). Hedia has a CE-certification mark stating conformity with the EU directive for medical devices sold within the EU.

    Read our user manual here to learn more about how to use Hedia.