Join our mission to help improve the health of people with insulin-requiring diabetes 

Hedia is a Digital Therapeutics company with a clinically validated solution for the management of insulin-requiring diabetes.

Hedia strives to generate sustainable health outcomes by using technology and the newest in behavioral science to ultimately create a better life for people living with diabetes.

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In order to create sustainable health outcomes, we need to create a system that allows for a better experience for the end users. Therefore, Hedia partners with different companies in the ecosystem including device manufacturers, pharma, medtech and insurance.

Learn more about our partners and how you can join us on our mission to make life with diabetes easier.

Advantages of partnership with Hedia

CE marked medical device

CE marked medical device

Hedia Diabetes Assistant is a CE marked medical device and classified as Class IIb, which meets the safety and health requirements of the EU

Improve revenue

Improve revenue

Through improved health outcomes, Hedia aims to improve revenue and generate cost savings in the healthcare system

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An evidence-based solution

Poorly regulated users of Hedia Diabetes Assistant experience improved stability of their blood glucose.

People who struggle to achieve their ideal blood glucose targets see an increase in estimated time-in-range and a decrease in estimated A1c after 12 weeks using HDA.

Dive deeper into our (retrospective) study and check out the results.

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Quality Management

Hedia Diabetes Assistant (HDA) is a class IIb medical device. Therefore, quality management is a highly valued discipline within Hedia in order to guarantee the safety and security of our users’ healthcare and data at all times.

Read more to find a list of our certifications and protocols.

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Ascensia – Diabetes Care

Supported devices:

Contour NEXT ONE

A. Menarini Diagnostics

Supported devices:

GlucoMen Areo, GlucoMen Areo 2K


Supported devices:

Keto-Mojo GKI



Supported devices:




Supported devices:

CareSens Dual, CareSens N Premier