Become part of a committed team

Everybody in the team has a high sense of personal commitment.
We want to help as many as possible! Come and join us. 

Open positions

As People Partner and Office Manager in Hedia you´ll get the chance to make a real, lasting difference in the life of people with diabetes, and to help them live a better and more carefree life.

Become our new Commercial Student Assistant in Hedia and make a difference in the life of people with diabetes and help them live a better and more carefree life. (Up to 20 hours.)

Company values

We’re driven by purpose

We’re deeply committed to improving the lives of people with diabetes. Initiatives that improve the health and safety of people always come first.

Determined to reach new heights 

We strive to offer an industry-leading solution backed by the health improvements of our users. We tackle challenges head-on as shown by our certifications and dedication to safety.

We care about each other

We prioritise the well-being and support of our people. We look out for each other and work together to find solutions during challenging times.

We believe in quality without compromise

We’re committed to building a safe and reliable medical product. Therefore, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality in everything we do

We go further together

We encourage cross-team collaboration to drive innovation and advance product development. We value input from all team members and believe we can achieve more together than we can alone. 

Encourage a culture of ongoing learning 

We regularly reflect on our actions to gain valuable insights and drive progress. We continually seek out new knowledge to stay informed about our industry.

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