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Hedia Diabetes Assistant (HDA) is a class IIb medical device, aiming to help improve management of insulin-requiring diabetes and thereby lead to desired health outcomes such as stability of blood glucose levels.

Our company vision is to improve quality of life for people with diabetes and make the best diabetes management tools available to as many as possible.

In addition to our diabetes management tool we offer an education universe for healthcare professionals.

The platform has been developed in close collaboration with patients, nurses, and other key stakeholders to ensure the best fit for the needs of living with diabetes.

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What do you get from Hedia?

Secure and easy access

Secure and easy access

Hedia assures safe and secure handling of user data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) In the EU.

Clinical improvements

Clinical improvements

HDA has shown positive clinical results in increased glycaemic control amongst users with poorly regulated diabetes.

Integrated care

Integrated care

Hedia is for health care professionals and users with insulin requiring diabetes. With the platform, we aim to support improvements throughout the entire patient journey.

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Listed in the ORCHA App Library

The ORCHA ranking cements the status of Hedia Diabetes Assistant as a trusted app with excellence which conforms to international standards. In ORCHA’s digital health assessment, our class IIb medical device has been scored across the categories of clinical/professional assurance, data & privacy, and usability & accessibility.

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Proven Outcomes

Poorly regulated users of HDA experience improved stability of their blood glucose.
 One of our studies shows that people who struggle to achieve their ideal blood glucose targets see an increase in estimated time-in-range and a decrease in estimated A1c after 12 weeks of using Hedia Diabetes Assistant.

Read more about our (retrospective) study and check out the results.

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With HDA we aim to give patients

We comply with GDPR

We comply with GDPR

Ensuring the safety and security of our users’ health data

Better data overview

Better data overview

Hedia Diabetes Assistant gives insights into data, helping patients and healthcare professionals to improve and personalise diabetes management.

Recommended by healthcare professionals

“I’m a clinical dietitian who works at Hvidovre Hospital. As a healthcare professional, I use approved 
CE-marked apps in Denmark.
Hedia’s app is significant for patients who do a lot of exercise. In general, the insulin calculator is a
great help for many patients in their everyday life as it helps them manage when insulin and carbs
have been ingested. It also has the very important advantage that it accounts for active insulin.
As a healthcare professional, it is a central tool for evaluating tendencies and set specific and
realistic goals based on the specific patient.”
– Adelaide Elise Linddal, Clinical Dietitian, Hvidovre Hospital

“As Chief Physician I have instructed all my medical staff to introduce Hedia’s app to people
with diabetes. I have taken Hedia’s online certification course to get familiar with the app and
I am very glad that my health care professionals instruct patients to use Hedia.”

– Malene Boas, Chief Physician, Herlev Hospital

“I often use Hedia’s app with my patients. For my type 2 patients it is great, because it connects to
blood sugar monitoring devices and gives a great overview of the blood sugar measurements.
Some of my type 2 patients, who also take insulin, benefit a lot when using Hedia’s insulin calculator
to meals.
My type 1 patients are really fond of Hedia. Both because they get a proposal on how much insulin to take
according to the carbs they eat and because the food database has a giant “food library.” The patients
easily can check their food intake and then get their carbs calculated.
The app helps me a lot during work. It is easy for my patients to navigate and
it has exactly the features a person with diabetes needs! ”
– Simone Trillingsgaard, Diabetes Nurse, Steno Diabetes Center Zealand.

Assist in improving your patients’ diabetes management

Use Hedia Diabetes Assistant to assist your patients in improving their diabetes management.
Hedia’s education universe is offering a variety of courses beneficial for diabetes nurses and healthcare professionals working with diabetes.

The online certification enables participants to understand the value that Hedia Diabetes Assistant creates; to learn how Hedia’s diabetes assistant connects with other devices; and to support people with diabetes in their management.

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Regulatory Compliance and Quality Assurance

Hedia Diabetes Assistant is CE marked as a Class IIb medical device.

Therefore, working according to regulations and quality standards is a highly valued discipline with Hedia.

Hedia is committed to deliver a safe and efficient product to satisfy the needs of our customers and to comply with quality procedures to ensure compliance with relevant regulatory requirements.

Read more to find a list of our certifications and standards, which we work according to.

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The Danish Diabetes Association

The Danish Diabetes Association advocates for people with diabetes, works to improve the living conditions of people with diabetes, and puts diabetes on the political agenda.

Steno Diabetes Center Aalborg

The objective of Steno Diabetes Center Aalborg is to offer world-class treatment and contribute to a better life quality and health equality of people with diabetes, their relatives, and citizens at risk.

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