Joining forces for better diabetes care

Become a Hedia partner and give your patients access to our clinically-validated diabetes management solution.

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To achieve sustainable health outcomes for patients with diabetes, we must establish a more efficient and effective healthcare system.

Hedia is working to optimise care pathways between patients and healthcare professionals. Together, we can connect patients with the resources and support they need to transform the way they manage their condition.


Achieving better outcomes together

Offer a clinically-validated tool

Our CE-marked diabetes management app has been clinically validated to help people with insulin-requiring diabetes self-manage their condition with ease.

Streamline care

Our app tracks patient data and simplifies the data-sharing process to save you time and help you make more informed decisions about patient care.

Improve health outcomes

Hedia Diabetes Assistant has  shown to significantly improve the health outcomes in terms of eA1c in T1D patients with poor glycemic control in just 12 weeks of use.

The partnership process

If you’re a healthcare professional working with diabetes in the UK or Germany, you can become a Hedia partner. There are two ways you can give your patients access to our product:

better diabetes care
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Hedia Education

Get certified in digital therapeutics

We’ve developed a free CPD-certified course for healthcare professionals working with diabetes.
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Learn more about HDA’s clinical impact

We continuously conduct research and scientific studies to help us ensure that our product has an impact on improving life with diabetes.

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Collaborate with us for better diabetes care

Hedia partners with trusts and hospitals in the UK to give patients access to our clinically-validated diabetes management tool. When filling out this form you give us your consent to contact you. 


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