We’re passionate about making life with diabetes easier

We are a group of experts with a high sense of personal commitment to help people with insulin-requiring diabetes gain control of their condition.

Hedia was born of Peter Lucas’ personal need to feel in control of his type 1 diabetes. Peter Lucas, CEO and co-founder, founded Hedia in 2016 together with Christina Kildentoft, a diabetes nurse with a Public Health master’s degree focused on diabetes, and Andreas Jespensgaard, a long-time business partner with experience in tech.

The co-founders then set out with the earnest desire to create innovative solutions for improved diabetes management.

The Hedia team

Meet the team behind Hedia

Lars Christian Lund
Andreas Jespensgaard
Andreas Jespensgaard
Valentin Lubbe, Hedia
Valentin Lubbe
Niklas Karre-gundlev, Hedia
Niklas Karre-Gundlev
Sander van den Ende
anne øskerskov, Hedia
Anne Østerskov
astrid knudsen, Hedia
Astrid K. Knudsen
Head of Data Science
Jonas Hansen, Hedia
Jonas Meinertz Hansen
Senior Data Scientist
Chris rosendorf, Hedia
Chris Rosendorf
Engineering Manager
Dennis olsen, Hedia
Dennis Olsen
Senior QA/RA Specialist
Hassan Rafi
QA/RA Specialist
Cosmin madalin, Hedia
Cosmin-Madalin Stan
Software Developer
Anja Krylova
Backend developer
Alina Arlova
Senior Software Developer
Kenney Pedersen, Hedia
Kenney Pedersen
Medical Advisor
Jonatan Pedersen, Hedia
Jonatan Pedersen
Senior Engineering Manager
Gkikas Karagkounis, Hedia
Gkikas Karagkounis
Data Scientist
gabriele Maciunaite, Hedia
Gabriele Maciunaite
Clinical Project Manager
bjørn kure, Hedia
Bjørn Kure
Usability Specialist
Maciej Stolarski, Hedia
Maciej Stolarski
Head of Business Operations
Zygimantas butas , Hedia
Zygimantas Butas
Software Developer
anders jørgensen, Hedia
Anders Jørgensen
Product Manager
Aimee Rivers
Test Engineer
Rachel Evans
Backend Engineer
Emir stovrag, Hedia
Emir Stovrag
UI/UX Designer
Mathieu Veber, Hedia
Mathieu Veber
Senior Backend Developer
Pi Bartholdy
Pi Bartholdy
UI/UX Designer
Maria Kunckel
Maria Kunckel
Senior Clinical Project Manager
Albert Ramirez
Marketing Assistant
Oscar Kuchinke
Medical student assistant

HDA has been developed in collaboration between developers, healthcare professionals and people with type 1 and 2 diabetes.

We are always on the lookout for talented people