Hedia Diabetes Assistant: Now Orcha approved

Now Orcha approved, HDA

ORCHA, a respected reviewer of health apps, has now listed Hedia Diabetes Assistant in its App Library with a high ranking.

We are proud that the quality of Hedia’s app is such that it received an app score of 87% (iOS) and 86% (Android). This means that it is one of the highest-ranking apps in ORCHA’s library for diabetes in general. For type 1 diabetes specifically, Hedia Diabetes Assistant is the highest-ranking free app in the library as a whole.

ORCHA makes it easier to find health apps by curating a list of apps after a review process. For anyone searching for a diabetes app, Hedia Diabetes Assistant will be seen as a favourable option due to its presence in the ORCHA App Library.

How does ORCHA Review apps?

ORCHA reviews the most downloaded and recently updated health apps using the ‘ORCHA Baseline Review’ (OBR). The baseline standard includes a detailed analysis of regulation and compliance. This is an ongoing assessment of the entire health app market.

The OBR takes standards of good practice into account, in areas such as data, clinical assurance, and user experience. These standards, amongst others, include whether a product is CE-marked – which Hedia Diabetes Assistant is.

What does the ORCHA app Score mean for Hedia?

The high ranking of Hedia Diabetes Assistant with ORCHA raises our visibility in the health app market. This is particularly the case for the UK field, where ORCHA plays a key role. 

ORCHA conducts reviews for NHS Digital, the information technology branch of the British healthcare system, which provides healthcare information across the whole of the UK. Meanwhile, NHS England is utilising ORCHA’s services, placing ORCHA in the NHS Innovation Accelerator Programme. Clearly, ORCHA is well-regarded in the UK: Hedia benefits from that association.

More generally, the ORCHA ranking cements the status of Hedia Diabetes Assistant as a trusted app with excellence which conforms to international standards. 

This helps us on our way to making life with diabetes easier!

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